A new life in the UK

We lost everything, and now we are building a good life for our family

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When war broke out, my family and I were forced to flee our beloved home in Syria. We ended up in Egypt for a time, where work was never guaranteed. My husband desperately needed eye surgery, which we could not access, and life became very hard for my family. Hope into Action has allowed us a new beginning here in the UK. We were able to come and be in a home that is safe. My children have a place to go to school, my husband has been able to access the surgery that he needed and I have been able to access English speaking courses through CLEAR [City Life Education and Action for Refugees].

Hope into Action has been a great help to my family. Last year, Hope into Action supported us to get the documents we needed to visit Turkey, where much of my family remain as refugees, and whom we had not seen since the war broke out in 2011. We have now got a home and the help we need, and things are good here in the UK.

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